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Platinum goes “Platinum”

Pokemon Platinum, the sequel to Pokemon Diamond/Pearl has become the Fastest selling DS video game ever. After only two days it had already sold over 960,000 copies, by the third day of sale Pokemon Platinum had sold it’s millionth copy, appropriately enough Platinum had gone “Platinum”.

To put this into further perspective, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl had sold 1.58 copies in the first week, Platinum sold almost the same amount in a matter of two days.

Just thought it was pretty interesting,


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PoTW: Rotom

Today’s pokemon of the week happens to be the Plasma Pokemon Rotom, a very interesting pokemon to say the least.

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Greeting Pokemon Fans!

This is RaidenSakura, and I’m just here to tell you all, welcome to the site! Here we will be discussing anything pokemon related, from strategies and movesets, to news and updates. I truly hope that it will be a helpful and entertaining resource to you all.


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