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PoTW #4: Aerodactyl (Updated Style)

This week’s slightly belated pokemon of the week is Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokemon.


Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokemon; National Pokedex/Kanto Pokedex #142, Johto Pokedex #224.

In the Games:

Height: 5′11″ (1.8m)
Weight: 130.1 lbs. (59.0kg)
HP: 80
ATK: 105
DEF: 64
SpA: 60
SpD: 75
SPE: 130

Breeding Info
Egg group: Flying
Steps to hatch: 8,960 steps

Gender Ratio: 12.5% ♀/87.5% ♂
Pokedex color: Purple
Type: Rock/Flying
Catch rate: 45


R/B/G/Y: rbspr142/greenspr142/gby142

G/S/C: gbg142gbgsh142/gbs142gbssh142

R/S/E/FR/LG: pkrs297pkrssh297/emespr142/pkfrlg142pkfrlgsh142

D/P: dpmfa142dpffa142dpmfsa142dpffsa142/dpmfb142dpffb142dpmfsb142dpffsb142

In Battle:

Moveset of the Week:

Support Lead
Item: Focus Sash
Nature: Jolly
EVs: 4HP/252ATK/252SPE
~Stealth Rock
~Earthquake / Ice Fang
~Rock Slide / Stone Edge
This moveset’s purpose is to set up a Stealth Rock while simultaneously hurting leads. (Gyarados/Salamence/Bronzong/Gengar/Azelf) Due to Aerodactyl’s High speed stat; Taunt is used to stop your opponent’s set-up, which then allows you to set up Stealth Rock of your own. Focus Sash ensures that Stealth Rock will go up even if your opponent decides to attack instead of set-up. The attacking move choices are all areally based on personal preference. Earthquake and Rock Slide allow for a good Ground + Rock combination which hits a lot of Pokémon for neutral damage. Rock Slide is a primary option due to its accuracy and potential to flinch, but Stone Edge is an option if you like the power boost. Ice Fang can be chosen over Earthquake to hurt Garchomp/Salamence/Gliscor, but Earthquake provides better coverage with the Rock-type move.

Spinoff Games:
pin142Pokemon Pinball:
Acquisition: Catch
pinrs142Pokemon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire:
Acquisition: Catch
trozeiani142Pokemon Trozei:
Rarity: Rare
Body Size: 1
Recruit Rate: 8.4
Friend Area: Ancient Relic
Pokemon Ranger:
Group: Rock
Loops: 3
Poke Assist: Flying
Field Move: None
Body Size: 1
Recruit Rate: 8.2
IQ Group: D
Pokemon Ranger: Shadows Of Almia:
Group: Rock
Poke Assist: Flying
Field Move: Crushx4

* Aerodactyl was originally going to use its Japanese name, “Ptera”, as its English name.
* Until Generation IV, Aerodactyl could not learn Crunch, despite the fact that most of its Pokedex entries mentioned its saw-like teeth.
* During its first appearance in Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon it was mentioned that Aerodactyl was Carnivorous based on its teeth (and the reactions of the other fossil Pokemon when it arrived.) However in Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl it is shown and proven to be at least Omnivorous despite its teeth and based on its joyful consumption of fruit.
* Aerodactyl is the only non-Steel-type Pokemon that can learn Iron Head by level.
* It is also the only Pokemon that learns both Hyper Beam and Giga Impact by level.
* No other Pokemon has the same type combination as Aerodactyl.
* Aerodactyl is the only fossil Pokemon that does not have an evolution or pre-evolution and is obtainable in another way besides reviving its fossilized form by an in-game trade (without another game and Game Boy).
* Aerodactyl is one of the few Pokemon that are super-effective against its own type (excluding Dragon and Ghost). Rock is super-effective against Flying. Other such examples include Lucario and Tropius.
* Aerodactyl’s shiny sprite is similar to the coloration of Crobat.
* The reason the type combination of fossil Pokemon is paired with Rock-type may be due to its state of being a fossil. Aerodactyl’s type combination is Rock and Flying, so it is possible that Aerodactyl was once of the Flying-type, if it wasn’t for the extinction of the species.
* Aerodactyl is one of the few Generation I Pokemon that have no evolutionary relatives, along with Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Pinsir, Tauros, Lapras, and Ditto.
* Aerodactyl and Vileplume have extremly similar cries; with Aerodactyl’s being slightly lower.

That’s all!



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