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Update: Polarfire

Polarzone had a lot of trouble logging into his wordpress account, thus he made a new one under Polarfire, just so you all know,



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New Author: Polarzone

Polarzone, our newest Author will be managing the official “sprite comic” of our site. A sprite comic is a comic made from various sprite either made by the creator, or from various games. In this case; Pokemon. He may also be in a potential podcast for this site.

See you soon Polarzone,

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PoTW #4: Aerodactyl (Updated Style)

This week’s slightly belated pokemon of the week is Aerodactyl, the Fossil Pokemon.


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New Author: Amphibimew

A new Author has risen from the depths of the sea to help me write the blog! Her name is Amphibimew, be sure to welcome her! I’m sure she will do a great job helping with the site.


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Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia Released in the US


The sequel to Pokemon Ranger has been released in the United States today. Some new additions to the game include the ability to ride your pokemon, multiple partner pokemon, a hit-point system, and all new Sinnoh pokemon. Otherwise it largely resembles it’s counterpart. It does however seem like an interesting game, and I believe it will be worth buying.


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